Miss Annie Bananie
Music, Motion and More!
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Miss Annie!! We love you. My boys and I attend story time every week with Miss Annie and absolutely love it. She is a kid whisperer. LOL! Thanks for all your hard work - hope to book you for a party soon!"

— Melinda Schmidt January 18, 2017

"We moved to Marion April of 2015 and started going to story at the Marion Public Library. I was not sure sure what to expect because we had loved going to our old library. Needless to say I was beyond pleased when we met Miss Annie. She is such an incredible person and a terrific role model to all those who meet her. She makes story time so interesting and fun. She keeps the children's interest and knows how to change it up depending on the crowd's mood that day. She also makes it fun for any age. She transferred to the Delaware Public Library in 2016. Of course we were sad to see her go. We attended a few story times at Marion, but it definitely was not the same. I received a message from Miss Annie that Delaware Library holds a dance party on Friday mornings that she is in charge of. Of course we said we would be there. My youngest daughter, who is four, really enjoys it. I have also brought her sisters when they had no school and they have enjoyed watching Miss Annie keep all those littles engaged. I will keep driving to attend the dance party. I wish I could fit in another day to attend story time, our daughter really enjoys her reading stories. She would even ask Miss Annie, when she was at Marion, to read more to her after the half hour of story time was over. Miss Annie love what she does so much she never told her no. We just love Miss Annie."

— Keri Fitzgerald January 25, 2017


Miss Annie Bananie did a great job at our Grandson's 4th Birthday Party earlier today. Miss Annie Bananie can make your next event memorable.
Our Grandson was really happy as were all his friends and family in attendance."

— Harry Metzger July 30, 2016


Thank you Annie for doing such a great job entertaining the kids at the party! It gave all the parents time to talk and the kids loved it!

— Julaina Bennett February 4, 2017