Miss Annie Bananie
Music, Motion and More!
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Who is Miss Annie Bananie?


About Miss Annie Bananie

As much as I love being known as Miss Annie Bananie, my real name is Anne Pasma and music has always been a part of my life. From the time I could remember, my mom made the family listen to music with a distinctive ear, began our piano lessons at the age of six and taught life's greatest lessons through song. If I had to remember a fact for school, Mom made it into a ditty or my brothers would compose a rap! On Saturday nights, Mom would play the hymns we would be singing the next morning. Sometimes she would sing, and sometimes Dad would join her.

  Growing up in a large family and in a close church family, children were consistently a part of life. But I realized how much I enjoyed and loved children when I took a position as a nanny in Spain. It was there that I learned how to entertain and have fun with children. After I came home and graduated college, I started teaching as a substitute teacher. For several months I was the music teacher for jr. high and high school students. It was a challenge and the most difficult undertaking I have ever experienced. Yet, it strengthened not only my love for music, but my love for teaching. 

After the success of the spring concert, I was offered a job as an associate working in a library with a focus on the children's department. Here I learned some of the essentials of how to plan and perform a good storytime. It wasn't until I acquired a different job as a Youth Specialist at another library that I was able to be creative and really understand child development. 

I love the children. Parents see that love and the idea for the birthday parties and music classes stem from their support. Some asked if I would come entertain at their children's birthday parties and so Miss Annie Bananie LLC came into being! Contact me for more information or just to chat. I'd love to hear from you!